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Our components are  designed & developed to the most exacting  standards of dimensional accuracy, made of special alloy steel  to ensure its conformity with international quality standards.

Heat treatment is a critical and most essential phase in the manufacturing process. It is carried out  with induction heating process and additionally under carefully controlled temperatures by our team of highly motivated / sincere personnel. Tolerances of teeth are kept to the highest international standards and wear-resistant. Quality check is enforced before material is pursued on the stage of processing. Finished piece is thoroughly inspected under uncompromisingly stringent quality standards. These are then subjected to anti-rust treatment fitted with teeth protectors.

The end product ensures maximum productivity, reducing downtime. Satisfied clients are the chief outcome for the success of any organization in the industry. Therefore, we always try to deliver our clients excellent quality range of products. Our ability is to satisfy the diverse requirements of our clients gives us adequate reason to acquire their maximum support & trust. 

Why our products are known as the world's best quality for agricultural machinery

1. Special Alloy Steel
Cutter Bars Assembly

3. Reaper Parts
4. Thresher Parts
5. High cutting performance
6. Easy Assembly
7. Little risk of breaking 
8. High Bending Strength 
9. Optimal corrosion protection